"Accomplish High-end seamless communication systems for Industrial and harsh environment verticals"

Krimpen aan den IJssel - April 15th 2014. BCom Solutions introduces the latest addition to our range of integrated solutions: BCom Sentinel powered by LiveCast.

sentinel msa-zoomSentinel provides real-time information on employee locations world-wide. The Sentinel operator receives instant notifications of emergencies with both visual and audio cues. With a single click, Sentinel zooms to the area of interest and displays the nature of the emergency, such as Man Down (impact / non-movement / manual alert), gas alert or Lower Explosion Limit (LEL) danger. The time to on-scene emergency response is effectively reduced to less that 0.5 seconds.

Sentinel relies on the Rough Pro SM14 smartphone or TB14 tablet and can be extended with MSA's A5X multi-gas detector. BCom's Sentinel unified solution offers you the most cost effective way to provide employee remote support, safety, swift and effective emergency response, and real-time information gathering.


BCom Sentinel Key features include:
- employee tracking;
- remote assistance via two-way HD video;
- emergency response in less that 0,5 seconds;
- situational awareness (temperatur, gas levels, LEL, health parameters);
- review emergencies and emergency response by playing back recorded video, audio and environmental data;


BCom Sentinel powered by LiveCast datasheet


The upstream vertical in oil and gas industry, also called exploration & production, is mostly straight forward regarding communication solutions.



Often coupled with the downstream segment, the midstream sector involves the transportation, storage and marketing of various oil and gas products.



The downstream sector involves the refining and processing of hydrocarbons into products such as gasoline, jet fuel and diesel.



A chemical plant is an industrial process plant that processes chemicals on a large scale.



Marine broadly refers to boats, ships and any other marine vessel or structures. Exposure to the sea environment in combination with sunlight, rain,


Wind energy

Offshore wind power can help to reduce energy imports, reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases and meet renewable electricity standards.