"Accomplish High-end seamless communication systems for Industrial and harsh environment verticals"

Update 19-09-2014:  

BCom Mobile B.V. ended in silver position at the Lean Startup Awards, initiated by the Lean Startup Circle (Utrecht Area) and hosted by Lean Six Sigma Partners.
The jury ruled that Bag & Buy adhered the best to the Lean Startup method with their startup in bag less shopping. Congratulations Wim van Dijk! Wishing you all the best with your great and innovative business plan.

Original message:

BCom is proud to announce it has been nominated for the Lean Startup Award, initiated by the Lean Startup Circle, Utrecht area. From over 100 startups, BCom Mobile BV is one of only three companies selected for the finals. 

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'Lean Startup' is a term, originated by Eric Ries, for companies that are founded to provide a solution based on tested (real) customer needs. In short: using Lean Startup principles reduces the biggest type of waste when building something new. It is called overprocessing: building something, that nobody wants. Hence, the global Lean Startup community invests in startups in becoming more effective.

The BCom line of intrinsically safe smartphones and tablets are the corner stone in solutions that increase the safety of lone workers and operational excellence.

Dedicated to bringing high-end seamless communication to hazardous area’s, BCom has launched a complete line of mobile devices and software solutions to target specific needs in the Oil & Gas industry and related sectors, like chemical, heavy industry and construction.

The software solutions bring Man Down detection, health monitoring, push-to-talk and video conferencing / remote support to the most hazardous area’s around the world.

Kjeld Bontenbal, Operations Manager:”We are very proud as this nomination underlines our business strategy: partner with the best in class to build game changing products that fulfill and go beyond the current business needs."

BCom will pitch at the Lean Startup Awards on September 18th in Soesterberg, The Netherlands at the office of Lean Six Sigma Partners (sponsor of the event).


The upstream vertical in oil and gas industry, also called exploration & production, is mostly straight forward regarding communication solutions.



Often coupled with the downstream segment, the midstream sector involves the transportation, storage and marketing of various oil and gas products.



The downstream sector involves the refining and processing of hydrocarbons into products such as gasoline, jet fuel and diesel.



A chemical plant is an industrial process plant that processes chemicals on a large scale.



Marine broadly refers to boats, ships and any other marine vessel or structures. Exposure to the sea environment in combination with sunlight, rain,


Wind energy

Offshore wind power can help to reduce energy imports, reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases and meet renewable electricity standards.