BCom-solutions advises and delivers industrial graded WLAN access points and clients to be individually configured via the internet. Next to the indoor and outdoor solutions the units are certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2, Category 2G (Gas) and Zone 21 and Zone 22, Category 2D (Dust), Group IIC.
Thousands of different designs can be configured using these modules. This modular system thus offers tailored managed solutions with an optimal performance ratio.


The Wi-Fi range, supports the IEEE 802.11n transmission standard, which allows data speeds of up to 450Mbps in both the 5GHz and the 2.4GHz bands. The solution is designed with Clear Space® wireless interfaces, which were developed and patented by Hirschmann™ and are especially geared to the requirements of an industrial environment. They also have a powerful operating system with extensive management, security and quality of service functions plus layer 3 IP routing, this to protect the network to cybercrime activities.

The number of radio modules and Ethernet LAN ports can be configured individually, as can the voltage supply concept. This also applies to the over a dozen certificates that qualify these access points and clients for use in, for example, the power supply industry, the gas and oil.

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