Fire detection
To avoid the risk of starting fires in any Complex a fire warning system that is based on thermal imaging cameras can be advised. By detecting a rise in temperature long before combustion the thermal imaging cameras help ensure the plant safety and continuity. By fires detecting in an early stage, an actual fire can be prevented. Unlike smoke detectors, which require the production of smoke to function, an early warning system based on thermal imaging technology can detect the rise in temperature long before the fire started.


Leakage detection

There is a constantly growing need for products and technologies that are suitable for leakage detection. A leak means an unintended crack, hole or porosity in an enveloping wall or joint which must contain or exclude different fluids and gases allowing the escape of closed medium. Critical leak spots in closed systems are usually: connections, gaskets, welded and brazed joints, defects in material etc.

The basic functions of leak detection are the localization and size measurement of leaks in sealed products and systems. BCom-Solutions advises and delivers leakage detection solution based on Thermographic camera technology in combination with Video Content Software.

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