The BC-Ex d LAM301 is revolutionary explosion-proof laser solution for oil and gas markets around the world. This lightweight Ex d solution is lightweight. but not light in performance. 

The 316L construction makes it a duly suited solution for all onshore and offshore environments.  With stainless steel mounting hardware, the

BC-Ex d LAM301 is the safest and most effective solution on the market with regards of laser measurement technologies

The BC-Ex d LAM301 laser distance meter measures distance and speed values in a non-contact fashion, also without a reflector. Taking only a short time to measure, it facilitates distance measurement to or from moving objects.


The laser pulse’s time-of-flight measurement principle is particularly suitable where long distances have to be measured. The BC-Ex d LAM301 can easily be installed and commissioned. For interfacing, RS232, RS422, SSI and Profibus are available. Standard the BC-Ex d LAM301 delivery includes a status display and a sighting device. A modular setup allows for easy complementation with accessories or special models for particular applications

Download datasheet BC-Ex_d_LAM301.pdf for detailed information.

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