Bcom Solutions series of Wireless Deployment Systems allows a wide variety of wireless technology to be deployed in Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas, simply & efficiently. Bcom  RF Galvanic isolators and connector transits mean that no notified body certification is required and installation time and cost is dramatically reduced. This technology also enables low cost and powerful standard antennas to be deployed in hazardous areas, further improving performance and reducing cost.

Lucrative markets such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical etc are now easily accessed, at low cost, by the vast majority of wireless equipment manufacturers and integrators.

Zone 1 Wireless Deployment System

A variety of enclosure types and sizes are available to suit the equipment needing Zone 1 protection. From a screwed lid enclosure of 13cm x 13cm to a hinged unit measuring  96cm x 66cm - we have the flexibility needed for almost all solutions.  With the in-house engineering and design capacity together with the unique  RF isolator technology, we can extend the market reach of your wireless equipment.

Zone 2 Wireless Deployment System

For those requiring the more limited protection of Zone 2, we have a 316L Stainless Steel system. This provides protection to IP66 standard and is additionally coated against salt spray, ideal for rigs and other harsh and corrosive environments.

These solutions offer an ideal, low-cost method for wireless equipment manufacturers to enter potential lucrative new markets e.g. oil & gas.  Bcom' combination of wireless design skills, engineering capability and unique products allow our customers to rapidly deploy solutions without the burden of notified body certification.

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